Surteco Design Center

You will come across Surteco Edgebanding, Laminates and Surface Foils every day in stores, restaurants, offices and even your homes.  You may not even know it, and the piece of furniture closest to you may have been edged with Surteco Edgebanding, or surfaced with a Surteco Laminate or Foil.

You are unintentionally interacting with our products on a daily basis, it’s time to make it intentional!    Our Design Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina allows you interact with Surteco Edgebanding and the full Surteco Laminate and Foils.

Prior to designing your next piece of furniture or room, drop by visit the Surteco Design center and be inspired  by the office spaces and residential spaces designed  by our team of experts.

Our team of design experts will share the latest design trends from Europe with you, and collaborate with you to take your designs to the next level.

Are you looking to develop a new decor?

The Surteco Design Center is a great space for a think tank with our design experts for developing new decors.  Our new state of the art scanner  will give us the opportunity to bring to life conceptual ideas.

Raw materials can literally be scanned and some color adjustments can happen with your input and you can leave with a 2×4 print of your vision.

The Design Center is located in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, less than 2 miles away from the beautiful coastline.   Schedule your visit now: