Welcome to Surteco North America

Surteco North America consists of 4 industry leaders which supply the North American Furniture industry with decorative surface foils and Edgebanding products. All companies belong to SURTECO SE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of decorative surface foils and Edgebanding.

Surteco North America Brands

Decor and surface expertise from a single source

BauschLinnemann provides  decorative design from floor to ceiling. BauschLinnemann’s expertise and skills are with decor development, and the process of refinement to the finished surface. The product range covers flat foils, wrapping or floor foils and melamine edgings.

Doellken Logo

The Edgebanding Leader for Quality and Service

Doellken is North America’s leading supplier of Edgebanding in PVC, ABS, and Acrylic to the woodworking industry. With factories, service centers and distribution partners throughout North America, Doellken is suited to supply products and services to the industry.

Design innovation, and product excellence

Süddekor LLC began in 2000 with the goal to create, print, and supply décor papers throughout North America. Süddekor added two facilities in MA and NC. Süddekor LLC offers complete vertical integration for customers: design development, cylinder engraving, décor printing, and resin impregnation.

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